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NIPP- Nursing Home Infection Prevention Program- Nipping Infections in the Bud


8:00am- 4:00pm (Registration 7:15am) & 8:00am-11:45am (Registration 7:30am)

HFAM Meeting Room, 601 Global Way, Suite 100-103, Linthicum, MD  21090

Continuing Education - 9.5 hours for Administrators and Social Workers. 

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This workshop is designed to expand the knowledge of the Infection Preventionist and support staff beyond basic control and prevention. The overall goal of a specialized training that will equip center with the tools needed to participate in surveillance, learn and use infection control and containment practices, and adopt a proactive approach to preventing spread while being good stewards of antibiotics to preserve effectiveness of the agents we have today. 

The specialized training will drill deep, with standard and transmission-based precautions, including the circumstances in which isolation should be used for residents or staff. The Infection Preventionist's role will be fully explored, with a review of the specialist's qualifications and scope of practice. 

Cost:      $350 for HFAM Members   $450 for Non-HFAM Members

Questions: Call Patty Degrasse - 410-401-3089 ext.101